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                  What are Costs Law Reports?

                  The definitive collection of all key UK costs law cases, plus incisive headnotes. All the Costs Law Reports cases and headnotes are available online, with the leading ones published in print format, throughout the year.

                  Costs Law Reports online is the biggest and most comprehensive online archive of Costs Law cases, both civil and criminal. There are over 1900 cases for members to access and download, all complete with a summarising headnote. The cases date as far back as 1910 and are regularly cited in the Higher Courts.

                  The Editors of Costs Law Reports, Master Colin Campbell and Teresa Aitken, PI Costings, select the key costs cases as they are published, and give each of them an incisive and succinct Headnote, alongside the full text of the judgment.

                  We report all the principal costs law cases in print and online with the full, searchable text of all those cases.

                  Every time a case is added, you will be informed immediately by email, or – if you prefer – on Twitter, with a link that takes you to the headnote and full case report in Costs Law Reports.

                  Please note that we are no longer making cases available free of charge for their first week of publication.


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