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                  Lonestar Communications Corporation LLC v Kaye and Others [2023] Costs LR 1317
                  [2023] Costs LR 131731/08/2023
                  Goyal and Another v BGF Investment Management Ltd and Others [2023] Costs LR 1169
                  [2023] Costs LR 116924/08/2023
                  Palladian Partners LP and Others v The Republic of Argentina and Another (No. 1) [2023] Costs LR 921
                  [2023] Costs LR 92101/08/2023
                  Harrington Scott Ltd v Coupe Bradbury Solicitors Ltd [2023] Costs LR 541
                  [2023] Costs LR 54111/06/2023
                  Trafigura Maritime Logistics Pte Ltd v Clearlake Shipping Pte Ltd [2022] Costs LR 1617
                  [2022] Costs LR 161708/12/2022
                  Credico Marketing Ltd and Another v Lambert and Others [2022] Costs LR 1343
                  [2022] Costs LR 134317/09/2022
                  Hotel Portfolio II UK Ltd (in Liquidation) and Another v Ruhan and Others [2022] Costs LR 1285
                  [2022] Costs LR 128505/09/2022
                  Montres Breguet SA and Others v Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Another [2022] Costs LR 1255
                  [2022] Costs LR 125511/08/2022
                  Epoq Legal Ltd v DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Co Ltd [2022] Costs LR 1123
                  [2022] Costs LR 112330/07/2022
                  European Real Estate Debt Fund (Cayman) Ltd v Treon and Others [2022] Costs LR 461
                  [2022] Costs LR 46119/04/2022
                  Koza Ltd and Another v Koza Altin Isletmeleri AS and Others [2022] Costs LR 377
                  [2022] Costs LR 37704/04/2022
                  Deutsche Bank AG London v Comune Di Busto Arsizio [2022] Costs LR 257
                  [2022] Costs LR 25718/03/2022
                  CBPE Capital Fund VIII A LP and Others v Taranissi and Another [2021] Costs LR 1387
                  [2021] Costs LR 138710/12/2021
                  Beattie Passive Norse Ltd and Another v Canham Consulting Ltd [2021] Costs LR 737
                  [2021] Costs LR 73713/09/2021
                  Watt and Others v Alpha Panareti Public Ltd and Others [2021] Costs LR 659
                  [2021] Costs LR 65923/08/2021
                  Kings Security Systems Ltd v King and Another [2021] Costs LR 191
                  [2021] Costs LR 19129/06/2021
                  Global Energy Horizons Corporation v Gray [2021] Costs LR 133
                  [2021] Costs LR 13304/05/2021
                  Comberg v VivoPower International Services Ltd and Another [2020] Costs LR 1655
                  [2020] Costs LR 165519/01/2021

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