Reports in the issue [2019] 3 Costs LR

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                  Glass Slipper Ltd and Another v Crimson Flower Productions Ltd and Others [2019] Costs LR 625
                  [2019] Costs LR 62527/06/2019
                  Malmsten v Bohinc [2019] Costs LR 639
                  [2019] Costs LR 63927/06/2019
                  Ainsworth v Stewarts Law LLP [2019] Costs LR 669
                  [2019] Costs LR 66902/07/2019
                  Seekings and Others v Moores and Others [2019] Costs LR 689
                  [2019] Costs LR 68908/07/2019
                  East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service v Austin [2019] Costs LR 709
                  [2019] Costs LR 70925/07/2019
                  XDE (By Her Husband and Litigation Friend, XEF) v North Middlesex University Hospital Trust [2019] Costs LR 725
                  [2019] Costs LR 72525/07/2019
                  Howard Kennedy LLP v Spartafield Ltd [2019] Costs LR 749
                  [2019] Costs LR 74930/07/2019
                  TC Developments (South East) Ltd and Another v Investin Quay House Ltd [2019] Costs LR 765
                  [2019] Costs LR 76506/08/2019
                  Willers v Joyce and Others [2019] Costs LR 781
                  [2019] Costs LR 78106/08/2019
                  Harrison-Mills v The Public Trustee (as Trustee of the Charles Willis Harrison 1924 Settlement) and Others [2019] Costs LR 805
                  [2019] Costs LR 80506/08/2019
                  JLE (a Child By Her Mother and Litigation Friend, ELH) v Warrington & Halton Hospitals NHS Trust Foundation Trust [2019] Costs LR 829
                  [2019] Costs LR 82913/08/2019
                  Bates and Others v Post Office Ltd [2019] Costs LR 857
                  [2019] Costs LR 85713/08/2019

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