Reports in the issue [2019] 4 Costs LR

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                  Re: Sadhana Soni (Appeal Against a Wasted Costs Order) [2019] Costs LR 1085
                  [2019] Costs LR 108530/08/2019
                  Gray v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis [2019] Costs LR 1105
                  [2019] Costs LR 110506/09/2019
                  MXX (a Protected Party Via Her Husband and Litigation Friend RXX) v United Lincolnshire NHS Trust [2019] Costs LR 1151
                  [2019] Costs LR 115124/09/2019
                  Hibberd-Little v Carlton [2019] Costs LR 1175
                  [2019] Costs LR 117530/09/2019
                  Serco Ltd v Secretary of State for Defence [2019] Costs LR 1185
                  [2019] Costs LR 118530/09/2019
                  Monex Europe Ltd v Pothecary and Another [2019] Costs LR 1193
                  [2019] Costs LR 119330/09/2019
                  Badaei v Woodwards Solicitors [2019] Costs LR 1253
                  [2019] Costs LR 125330/09/2019
                  Alba Exotic Fruit SH PK v MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company SA [2019] Costs LR 1115
                  [2019] Costs LR 111507/10/2019
                  AB (a Protected Party by His Mother and Litigation Friend YZ) v Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust [2019] Costs LR 1197
                  [2019] Costs LR 119708/10/2019
                  Lines (as Administrator of the Estate of Mrs NE Brock, Deceased) v Wilcox and Others [2019] Costs LR 1215
                  [2019] Costs LR 121508/10/2019
                  Fullick and Another v The Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis [2019] Costs LR 1231
                  [2019] Costs LR 123109/10/2019
                  West and Demouilpied v Stockport NHS Foundation Trust [2019] Costs LR 1265
                  [2019] Costs LR 126510/10/2019

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