Reports in the issue [2019] 5 Costs LR

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                  Sternberg Reed Solicitors v Harrison [2019] Costs LR 1489
                  [2019] Costs LR 148918/10/2019
                  Healys LLP v Partridge and Another [2019] Costs LR 1515
                  [2019] Costs LR 151529/10/2019
                  Ohpen Operations UK Ltd v Invesco Fund Managers Ltd [2019] Costs LR 1533
                  [2019] Costs LR 153330/10/2019
                  Orexim Trading Ltd v Mahavir Port and Terminal Private Ltd [2019] Costs LR 1539
                  [2019] Costs LR 153904/11/2019
                  Rashid v Oil Companies International Marine Forum [2019] Costs LR 1545
                  [2019] Costs LR 154504/11/2019
                  Anglia Autoflow North America LLC and Another v Anglia Autoflow Ltd [2019] Costs LR 1551
                  [2019] Costs LR 155104/11/2019
                  O (Committal: Legal Representation) [2019] Costs LR 1559
                  [2019] Costs LR 155904/11/2019
                  Triumph Controls – UK Ltd and Another v Primus International Holding Company and Others [2019] Costs LR 1571
                  [2019] Costs LR 157104/11/2019
                  Global Assets Advisory Services Ltd and Another v Grandlane Developments Ltd and Others [2019] Costs LR 1597
                  [2019] Costs LR 159714/11/2019
                  Walsh v Greystone Financial Services Ltd [2019] Costs LR 1583
                  [2019] Costs LR 158314/11/2019
                  Michael v Lillitos [2019] Costs LR 1615
                  [2019] Costs LR 161515/11/2019
                  Brown v The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis and Others [2019] Costs LR 1633
                  [2019] Costs LR 163319/11/2019

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