Reports in the issue [2020] 2 Costs LR

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                  Master Data Center, Inc. and Another v The Comptroller General of Patents [2020] Costs LR 351
                  [2020] Costs LR 35102/06/2020
                  DSN v Blackpool Football Club Ltd [2020] Costs LR 359
                  [2020] Costs LR 35903/06/2020
                  Hutson and Others v Tata Steel UK Ltd [2020] Costs LR 369
                  [2020] Costs LR 36904/06/2020
                  Benyatov v Credit Suisse Securities (Europe) Ltd [2020] Costs LR 379
                  [2020] Costs LR 37905/06/2020
                  Michael Wilson & Partners Ltd v Sinclair and Another [2020] Costs LR 387
                  [2020] Costs LR 38708/06/2020
                  Popely and Another v Popely and Others [2020] Costs LR 401
                  [2020] Costs LR 40116/06/2020
                  Swift v Carpenter and Another [2020] Costs LR 415
                  [2020] Costs LR 41516/06/2020
                  R (Parveen) v London Borough of Redbridge [2020] Costs LR 433
                  [2020] Costs LR 43316/06/2020
                  Eli Lilly and Company v Genentech, Inc and Another [2020] Costs LR 455
                  [2020] Costs LR 45516/06/2020
                  XDE (By Her Husband and Litigation Friend, XEF) v North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust [2020] Costs LR 461
                  [2020] Costs LR 46118/06/2020
                  Chapelgate Credit Opportunity Master Fund Ltd v Money and Another [2020] Costs LR 493
                  [2020] Costs LR 49326/06/2020
                  Rippon Patel and French LLP v Mowlam [2020] Costs LR 523
                  [2020] Costs LR 52329/06/2020

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