Reports in the issue [2020] 5 Costs LR

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                  Moore and Another t/a Moore Farms v The Commissioners for Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs [2020] Costs LR 1509
                  [2020] Costs LR 150909/11/2020
                  JH (Palestinian Territories) v Upper Tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber and Another [2020] Costs LR 1525
                  [2020] Costs LR 152512/11/2020
                  Swift v Carpenter and Another [2020] Costs LR 1547
                  [2020] Costs LR 154716/11/2020
                  TBD (Owen Holland) Ltd v Simons and Others [2020] Costs LR 1593
                  [2020] Costs LR 159324/11/2020
                  Oberholster v Little and Another [2020] Costs LR 1553
                  [2020] Costs LR 155330/11/2020
                  Bath Rugby Ltd v Greenwood and Others [2020] Costs LR 1577
                  [2020] Costs LR 157730/11/2020
                  BDW Trading Ltd v Lantoom Ltd [2020] Costs LR 1597
                  [2020] Costs LR 159708/12/2020
                  Deepchand and Another v Sooben [2020] Costs LR 1633
                  [2020] Costs LR 163328/12/2020
                  Joanne Properties Ltd v Moneything Capital Ltd and Another [2020] Costs LR 1645
                  [2020] Costs LR 164528/12/2020
                  Suppipat and Others v Narongdej and Others [2020] Costs LR 1649
                  [2020] Costs LR 164928/12/2020
                  DVB Bank SE and Another v Vega Marine Ltd and Others [2020] Costs LR 1617
                  [2020] Costs LR 161730/12/2020
                  Bilta (UK) Ltd (in Liquidation) and Others v Natwest Markets plc and Another [2020] Costs LR 1627
                  [2020] Costs LR 162730/12/2020

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