Reports in the issue [2023] 5 Costs LR

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                  K v E [2023] Costs LR 1487
                  [2023] Costs LR 148709/10/2023
                  Diag Human SE and Another v Volterra Fietta (a Firm) [2023] Costs LR 1511
                  [2023] Costs LR 151130/10/2023
                  X v The Transcription Agency LLP and Another [2023] Costs LR 1543
                  [2023] Costs LR 154308/11/2023
                  Merricks v Mastercard Incorporated and Another [2023] Costs LR 1563
                  [2023] Costs LR 156320/11/2023
                  South Tees Development Corporation and Another v PD Teesport Ltd and Another [2023] Costs LR 1573
                  [2023] Costs LR 157327/11/2023
                  Hua She Asset Management (Shanghai) Co Ltd v Hung and Others [2023] Costs LR 1583
                  [2023] Costs LR 158330/11/2023
                  IG Index Ltd v Tchenguiz [2023] Costs LR 1591
                  [2023] Costs LR 159103/12/2023
                  ClientEarth v Shell plc and Others [2023] Costs LR 1595
                  [2023] Costs LR 159505/12/2023
                  Colicci and Others v Grinberg and Another [2023] Costs LR 1607
                  [2023] Costs LR 160705/12/2023
                  West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust v AX (By Her Litigation Friend, the Official Solicitor) [2023] Costs LR 1619
                  [2023] Costs LR 161910/12/2023
                  Therium Litigation Funding A IC v Bugsby Property LLC [2023] Costs LR 1641
                  [2023] Costs LR 164109/01/2024
                  Viking Trading OU v Louis Dreyfus Company Suisse SA [2023] Costs LR 1683
                  [2023] Costs LR 168316/01/2024

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